The Book Of The Brave. You are not lost.

Did something happen, dear heart? Something so awful you knew leaving was the only way forward?

You’ve been told you’re simply in a “wilderness phase”. But you’re not so sure this is a phase at all. This doesn’t feel like being lost. It feels like being found. You’ve learned to tune into that still small voice lately, haven’t you? The first time you heard it, it shocked you, frightened you. You backed away, afraid of what it was saying. You rushed to fill your mind with those words we all learned to chant like incantations to take the fear away, erase those scary, wild thoughts and divergent ideas from our minds. But it didn’t go away, did it?

You are not lost, my love. You are being led.

You’re being led away from the crowded road, the busy path. You are being initiated from your spiritual childhood. You are no longer to be sustained and protected by the tribe. Weaned now, you do not suckle or rely on others to provide for you – you forage, set fires, gather, hunt and provide for yourself and others. You are to learn the ways of the elders. You must come out of the safety and predictability of the closet and the cloister and onto the road, dear one. You must become – as our elders and masters did before us – of the wilderness and the wilds.


– from the upcoming “The Book Of The Brave” by Jo Hilder

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