The gold within you.

When I was six, the bullies in my class told me the quiet, skinny boy with the patch over one eye was my boyfriend. I didn’t get the memo that said this was an insult. I was totally stoked. Who knew it was that easy to get a boyfriend, right? I doted on that poor kid; sat with him at recess, brought him little gifts, tried to make conversation. I’d been so lonely up until then, and I could see he was too. I was so excited to have a “boyfriend” – he was completely baffled, I’m sure. Poor David Frost, fellow kindergartner from Mount Austin primary school in Wagga, circa 1973. How could he know his first romantic attachment was a set up by class bullies?

You know, there are often clues about the awesome people we really are embedded in our childhood.

When I was sixteen, I fell from a horse, breaking my elbow into pieces. I spent two weeks in the children’s ward at the hospital, and the most impacting part of the whole experience was getting to know Max, the occupational therapist. He entertained all the kids, did craft with them, sat with them when their parents weren’t around. I ended up spending lots of my time helping him, following him around, fascinated by the way he connected with everyone and made them feel special. Months later, despite the fact I wanted to be a famous actress for a career, I chose for my high school work experience to go back and spend a week with Max at the hospital.

The clues were always there. I love people. I love helping them, I can’t help it. Years later, despite having only ever worked in retail, I started volunteering for cancer charities, fundraising and doing advocacy. I ended up working for the Cancer Council NSW in several paid roles, partly because of my own cancer experience, partly because it was clear I was passionate to connect with people and use my skills to support and help them.

Honey, the clues are already there. If you’re wondering what God has for you, follow the breadcrumb trail. You will see a thread running through your life, a common factor to all those moments when your heart, head and hands were all connected, all working in unison and firing you up with energy even now you remember, and it still fills you with excitement.

Your story holds the clues to your purpose. Follow the golden threads. You’ll be amazed where the road will lead you.

Love, Jo xx
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