To Be A Witch

“To me, a witch is a woman that is capable of letting her intuition take hold of her actions, that communes with her environment, that isn’t afraid of facing challenges.” Paulo Coelho

This is what it means to me to be a witch.In fact, it’s the intertwining of these three actions specifically that make up my witchcraft practice. Not casting spells to bring about my wants and desires. Not worshipping a god or goddess. Not adhering to a creed or sacred texts. The essence of being a witch is connecting back to ones own gut feelings, lived experience, wisdom and commonsense. It’s about appreciating the earth and environment, knowing we are made of dust and to it we will return, we are not kings to rule it, we are part of it and must find our place in its cycles and rhythms. It’s about knowing one has everything within to draw on when facing challenges.

It’s taking responsibility for our own actions and their consequences. It’s admitting our frailty while honouring our strengths. It’s being autonomous and knowing how to be alone with our own good self. It’s acknowledging we are important to others, and living life appreciating the impact we have on them. It’s not about turning others to our beliefs or ways of looking at the world, but pointing to truth, justice and power and voicing our observations regarding their use and abuse with confidence and courage.

Our society mocks the concept of the witch, fears it, vilifies and misunderstands it. But I believe the witch is the natural state of a woman, rather than the Anglo-Christian idea women are weak and deceitful, and in need of domination and control to stop them fucking things up. A woman who is disciplined in understanding both her fragility and her strength is not just a force to be reckoned with, but the most true thing in the whole world. The magic of a witch is the wonder she inspires just being exactly who she is, living exactly what she knows as truth, and her easily moving in the cycles of earth, spirit and humanity, changing them merely by being present within them being wholly herself.I’ll never try to convert you to being a witch. I’ll only ever invite you to appreciate you already are everything a witch truly is.