Vale to another cancer sojourner. (“Lynn” from Chapter Seven)

If you’ve read my book Things Not To Say To Someone Who Has Cancer, you may remember “Lynn” from Chapter 7. She’s the lady with ovarian cancer who imagined her chemo to be little soldiers rampaging through her system, killing off those pesky cancer cells.

“Lynn was a formidable personality. Her strong Scottish accent coupled with her sturdy, square shouldered frame created the impression this was a woman not to be messed with. The ovarian cancer she was diagnosed with was in remission when she started coming along to our support group. We facilitated discussion around our circle by allowing each participant a few minutes speaking time, during which we re-introduced ourselves to any new members and updated our stories. Lynn loved to tell us how she lay in the recliner chair during her chemotherapy treatments, closing her eyes and imagining the toxic chemical “soldiers” rampaging through her bloodstream “taking out” any rogue cancer cells they happened across with their little machine guns. She firmly believed this helped her recover from cancer, and it provided comfort for her when she feared it might return.”

The cancer did return.

I’m saddened to report dear “Lynn” very recently passed away. She gave the bastard ovarian cancer a run for it’s stupid money, I can tell you.

Whilst “Lynn” died, she did not “lose her battle with cancer”. Cancer did not win. You see, “Lynn” lives on. While that dumb old cancer died and will stay absolutely dead and be forgotten, “Lynn” remains very much alive in the hearts of her family and friends, and her fighting spirit is immortalised on the pages of my book, where it will continue to inspire others who must walk the same path as she did.

Vale, “Lynn” – I love you still, always will. xxxx

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