What if…..

What if…..

….God didn’t send that horrible thing that happened to me to teach me something?

….dying was actually okay?

….God gave me more than I could handle on a regular basis?

….other peoples sin was none of my business?

….there was more to be learned in disagreement than in agreement?

….criticism was good for you?

….the consensus turns out to be redundant?

….being imaginative were more desirable than being right?

….it turns out that the people with leadership qualities also have sociopathic tendencies?

….the crazy and insane people are closest to God after all?

….what we call Biblical correction doesn’t work in helping people change?

….God doesn’t care if people change?

….you turn out not to be called to ministry, but to sacrificial love?

….this is as good as it gets?

….the love of money really is the root of all evil?

….the people who turn out to be right are the ones who don’t care if they are or not?

….your life really is pointless?

….questions mattered more than answers?

….the Bible wasn’t finished being written yet?

….the things you say and do now would be in the next book of the Bible?

….you let your mind go wandering wherever it will. Are you afraid of where it might take you?

….you find God is further out there than you thought?

….it were always his intention to take you there?

….what if where God wants to take you, no one else is? Will you still go?

….you find no one but God is there to tell you what to think, do and believe? Would you be able to do what He asks?

….God only noticed you in times when you loved others unconditionally and didn’t try to change them, and He never noticed you in any of the times you tried to put others right, or convince others of their unrighteousness? Would you have attracted enough of God’s attention in your lifetime to call it a relationship?


What if….

….I’m right?

3 thoughts on “What if…..

  1. What if? What if indeed!

    Strange how I am from a ‘reformed’ perspective and yet we still agree on so many things, Jo. But I think that’s because we both see the emptiness, silliness, rudeness and law behind so much that we all do. We are so busy making formula’s and rules that we just totally miss the simplicity of God.

    I have nothing profound to comment with… just wanted to let you know I’m reading and nodding along here, in agreement – echoing your thoughts.

  2. That is, I love the way you think and the way your thoughts and comments always create food for thought. From someone who often walks against the crowd because I question so many things myself. And now my adult children are doing the same – questioning the way they have been taught from the church about how we are to live our lives and is this really what God requires of us? Keep thinking and sharing your thoughts!

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