When I’ve Lost Weight, Left My Job And The Kids Have Finished School – And Other Subversive Forms Of Procrastination

When I’ve lost weight, people will take me more seriously, That’s when I’ll ramp up my project and really put the work in.

When the kids are older, I’ll have more time on my hands. Until then, I’ll just put this on the backburner.

When I have more money I’ll do it.

When I’ve sold the house – in a couple of years.

When I haven’t so many bills to pay.

When I get a “sign”.

When the opportunity presents itself.

When they offer me a contract.

When the door opens.

When I’m feeling better.

When I turn __.

When I have all the money in one place.

When I see there’s a demand.

When what I’m doing now has run it’s course.

When the moment is right.

When they’re old enough to leave school.

When the planets align.

When I turn the corner.

When I fix these things about myself.

When it’s safe.

When I’m qualified.

When I know what I’m doing.

When…..well, I just don’t know when.


Do you really think you’ll know when the conditions are right, the planets aligned, when you’re truly ready to begin?

What’s that thing you just know is going to set you free?

You’re ready. Ready now. As ready as you’ll ever be.

Don’t fear judgement. Don’t fear failure. Don’t fear difficulty or change or poverty or isolation. Those things only come to the ones who procrastinate, who wait, who delay and make excuses and give in to resistance.

No, don’t fear those things. Fear wasting another year, five years, ten years waiting for conditions to be perfect before you start pursuing what you were made for, doing what you love, setting yourself free.

You need to get moving on this. Because you know what? You just don’t have that kind of time. 🙂


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