Why My New Church Might Just Be A Real Estate Agent

NEWCASTLE, NSW – The minister of a small, Presbyterian church in the Newcastle suburb of Wallsend has gotten much more than he bargained for when he posted this message on his church billboard earlier this week.

A church spokesman confirmed to the Newcastle Herald that the billboard was in response to the introduction of two separate bills to legalise same-sex marriage in federal parliament on Monday.

The billboard out the front of Wallsend Presbyterian Church, as it appeared earlier this week.
Local opinion on the Herald website about the billboard has been fiery. From “I take offense to this as a tradie!”, to “Keep your religious views out of my life. If God created me, he should accept that he made me gay!”

I especially liked this one. “I’m gay, I’m Christian, I’m a tradie and I guess I’m stuffed in the eyes of that particular church. I’m also proud that the church I belong to includes and welcomes my partner and I for what we are.”

I am wondering how I find out where that couple worships. Sounds like a place I’d like to visit.

It seems that some were not content to just leave online comments. Later this morning, the Herald updated the story. Here’s how the billboard now appears, after someone took exception, and a spraycan, to it. And to the church building.


Oh dear.
I Googled the church in question in order to get their email address. I wanted to send them a picture of something I wondered if they’d recognise. This – as any tradie will tell you – is a universal joint.
What I found on their website – besides the email address, was a picture of the front of the building, (appearing as it was before they had to paint over the last lot of graffiti, which occurred the last time they posted a similar message on their billboard) including the business next door, presumably for reference purposes.
I wonder if you see the irony here.
So *that’s* where it all went.
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