Working on what makes your heart happy.

Since I quit working for someone else and started focusing on my writing and art full time, I’ve found myself stumbling over the words to say to people when they ask, “So, what are you doing now you’re not working?”

Thing is, I am working. I am working on making my heart happy.

Years of doing what makes me frustrated, ego-centered, stressed and anxiety-riddled has taught me what not to do to help my heart be at peace. A heart that’s at peace allows itself to do the healing it needs, and looks for people to love and be loved by. A heart that’s filled with fear, clinging, stress, worry, fatigue and clamouring closes itself to all those things. It cannot grow, it cannot heal, it cannot allow itself to wander into uncharted relational or spiritual territory. Stressed people are often unkind, not because they are bad or evil, but because a heart that’s tethered to causes motivated by fear will feel small and weak, and always on the defense against attack. Conversely, the heart that floats on the river of loving and peaceful intention will be soft yet brave, warm yet robust, centered yet flowing.

So, knowing this, and sick to the gills with seeking to allay fear rather than rest and trust, both in my own capacity and goodness, and that of Source, I’m done with “work”. I’m finished with the toil of having enough before I rest, of making myself feel less vulnerable and more perfect, with holding on and gathering and hoarding and owning and clinging.

Now, my work is to do daily what makes my heart happy.

They say do what you love and the money will come. But deeply we understand if we do what we love, a whole lot more than that comes too. And just as if we want to be paid we have to send an invoice, so it is with spiritual exchange. I serve with my work of making myself happy, letting go of attachments and leading my heart to peaceful places of growth and healing and joy, and when the time is right, I send the invoice. And Source sets right all accounts. I am safe, all is well, and all my needs are provided for.

Beginning the work of making our heart happy can commence at any time. I’m not suggesting you stop working at your job – we all must pay our rent, metaphysical and otherwise. However, don’t wait until you have enough, or have achieved enough, before you let your heart wander wild. I’m here to tell you the fettered heart won’t want to stay here long. It will seek respite from whence it came, sooner or later, if you will not let it rest.

I learned this a few years ago when my heart literally grew a huge cancer tumour around it, and my body decided where ever the hell I was going in life, it wasn’t coming.

Listen. Your body speaks. Your heart knows.

I pray today you will take one moment to listen to your heart and ask it sweetly and with compassion what would make it happy. I pray you’ll sweep it up into your arms and hold it until it ceases it’s trembling and striving, and becomes warm and receiving of your touch and your voice. I pray you’ll carry your heart on your shoulders so it can see the world and realize how beautiful it all is. I pray your heart will find its way to happiness, and that way will be through you, and always, because of you.

Selah, dear friends.
Love, Jo xxx

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