How to facilitate world peace via social media. You’re welcome.

Dear passionate debaters of controversial topics on social media, and their patient, long suffering friends and family,

Here’s a little advice for free. When conflict arises, injustice flares, ideologies are questioned and foundations rocked, there are two ways people respond.

They jump in and get involved in trying to resolve it, posting things on Facebook, disagreeing, losing sleep and composing long diatribes with one finger on their iPhone whilst swearing and grinding their teeth.

Or they back off and retreat to someplace quiet without any technology where the status quo isn’t threatened and nobody is swearing at their laptop.

If you’re a jumper-innerer, don’t worry yourselves about the ones who back off. Just do what you do best: hash it out, get moving, do something, just get on with it. Backer-offerers will make you a cup of tea when it’s all over, thank you and probably be pleased in the long run something was done about it. Don’t bother trying to recruit jumper-innerers from your backer-offerer friends and family. That’s like turning dogs to cats. It ain’t gonna happen. Just have your debate, and get home in time for dinner.

If you’re a backer-offerer, please try and remember those jumper-innerers are not doing anything wrong, just because they’re noisy, combative and unable to put up with things they see as wrong or unjust. You know full well all the fuss will die down in time, and they’ll be grateful there is someone sane and cool to fall back on. Don’t tell them to shut up, quiet down, get a life or get off Facebook and do something constructive. Just do what you do, and wait it out. It’s all gonna be cool again real soon, just the way you like it.

You’re welcome. World peace facilitated. Next problem?

JO xxx

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