You are not too much.

“You are just too much. Tone it down a little. God wants you to be humble, you know. You are too passionate, too intellectual, too feisty, too darn BIG!”

A huge part of my Christian/evangelical/Pentecostal lifestyle training was the teaching that says, “I must decrease, that God may increase.”

I’m wondering which room it is in the cosmos that’s so small that God and I in our amazing, beautiful bigness won’t both fit inside?

I’m also wondering if I really want to believe in a god who only looks bigger, awesomer and more glorious when small, fragile little human beings bend themselves into all kinds of shapes and cut off parts of themselves trying not to outshine Him or take His glory away?

I’m wondering that a lot.

This god they want me to get smaller than – how big is this god, exactly? What’s wrong with his – er – ego?

I suspect the God who made me is actually far, far bigger than that.

God loves, loves, loves you. He made, made, made you.

If you’re too big, blame Him. But you’re not too big. You’re not too much.

You. Are. Not. Too. Much.

Your God is too small, if your God needs you to contort yourself into tiny shapes and fit yourself into weeny little boxes and amputate bits of yourself so He can look bigger, better, stronger, and more powerful.

God isn’t threatened by your bigness. Other people? Maybe they are. But God? No way.

Get big. Bigger. That’s better! There’s a whole world out there looking for what you’ve got. You’re not too much. You are enough.

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