Your True Calling – How To Tell If It’s God, Or It’s You

Ben and I were talking tonight about the concept of “God’s calling”. You know how Christians often say they believe God has asked or told them to do such and such, or go to a certain place and do a certain thing. I said to Ben how I thought sometimes people said they were “called” to do something simply because that would mean nobody could ever question them on it, and because saying God told you to do something covers any lack of logic which it inspires and provides a convenient opportunity for God to perform a miracle. Ben said I was just being cynical.

Ben was right. He often is.

I’ll now provide some further evidence of Ben’s wisdom.

My husband says you can know for sure God is calling you do do something if –

1) You’re not living in a false identity when it comes to your faith. In other words, you know in your heart you are living your life as the person you were truly created to be, and not pretending to be something or someone else.

2) You are in close relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and with other people. You pray, read the scriptures, and bump up against other human beings at least once in a while.

3) You’re already doing, in one form or another, the thing you suspect you are called to do. Your leap of faith has been preceded by the tiny step of faith, the casual gait of faith, the purposeful stride of faith and

Jesus Calling

the galloping sprint of faith.

Here’s what else we came up with.

A true calling will not need to be called a calling in order to justify it. A true calling will be obvious. It will not need to defend or explain itself. It won’t ever defy logic or tempt fate. It will be a progression, not an ultimatum. A calling wants the best of us to grow even better, and wants the best for everyone else as well.

A true calling requires nobody lose their peace, their personhood or their power to facilitate it.

And in the end, doing something awesome to help others doesn’t need the concept of being a “calling” attached to it to make it worthwhile. A lot of people feel the pull towards doing a great work for others, but walk away citing a doubt “it was God’s calling”. God always, always wants us to act for the good of others, even if sometimes it’s to our expense in some way. I think the question of whether something is a “calling” or not if more often a matter of fear, resistance and a sense of not wanting to fail than it is a true question of faith. And insofar as helping others is concerned, the special Messenger and the special Message about that has already been and said all there was to say on the matter.

Is it your “true calling”? It is God’s special mission on earth for you? If it helps others, is genuine, and motivated by a true need to empower or encourage others, does it really even matter?


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